Philippine Azkals to dream the impossible AFC Asian Cup 2019

Can’t help it, but the Philippines’ Asian Cup 2019 slogan is just ‘classic’ in an epic way

When the organisers released the team slogans for each participating country in the AFC Asian Cup, to be honest, the first impression for this writer when it came to the Philippine Azkals’ slogan was… cheesy.

Unless one has been living under a rock, one cannot miss out the most probable ‘inspiration’ from which the slogan was taken from – the Broadway musical Man of La Mancha song which was popularised (and immortalised) by Frank Sinatra and Matt Monro back in 1966/67.

To those who are very much into karaoke and belting out some standard oldies songs, this piece titled The Impossible Dream (The Quest), is a staple of such past-time which was probably the main reason that lends to the slogan’s cheesiness.

Anyway, back to the topic, after some time, it seemed that the slogan already grew for this writer with the cheesiness wearing off. And with the aid of listening and looking at the lyrics of the tune that most probably inspired “To dream the impossible”, the content really reflects the situation that the Azkals are in ahead of the most challenging campaign of their lives.

Without further delay, here is the Frank Sinatra version of the song in all its classic glory with lyrics to check out:

Here’s another version from English singer Matt Monro:

After listening to these renditions, it really is not hard to consider this as one of the unofficial theme songs of the Philippine national football team in their quest to get achieve the impossible.

Well, there’s also a more recent slogan from a famous sporting equipment manufacturer that impossible is nothing. That could further inspire the Azkals to pull off some surprising upsets.

Here’s to hoping that the impossible dream becomes a possibility. Also, maybe (just maybe), head coach Sven-Goran Eriksson is also singing this particular tune at the back of his head after seeing that slogan emblazoned on the team bus.

This is OUR quest…

Photo credit: The Philippine Football Federation, AC Asian Cup Twitter account, Wikipedia

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