The new ‘crisp’ Azkals kits have dropped! But I have one request…

The new kits for the Philippine Azkals’ on-going maiden and historic AFC Asian Cup 2019 campaign have finally been released for purchase to the public last January 8.

Note: This is post is not for promotional or advertising purposes but a fan service for those who are into, or are interested in, football kits of the Philippine national football team.

And the finished products exhibit clean and classic looks that seem would never go out of style – befitting a milestone debut participation by the national squad in the continental stage.

Here are some images of both home and away designs that will hit the shelves:

Player edition pic: The ones in shop do not have player numbers and names and have slight differences in the tournament patches.
Player edition pic: The ones in shop do not have player numbers and names and have slight differences in the tournament patches.

The Azkals kits [home and away] are available as of this writing in Bootcamp Bonifacio Global City [BGC] store and are sold at Php 1,700 each.

For those opting to add a customised nameset, an additional Php 300.00 will be charged with the shirt to be claimed approximately 1 week after.

But I have one request [a wish]…

Can these kit designs be also the same for the women’s national team and the junior teams we have?

Because through the years [in recent past until now], each national team have their own kit designs [and supplier].

Such a situation when it comes to football in the Philippines is quite different compared to most other nations where their teams share the same design [or at least brand/supplier] when it comes to their outfits.

England released their new outfits for almost all squads
A video on US Soccer’s third kit release in men and women’s variants

I don’t know how the powers that be in Philippine football handle such football equipment supplier matters for different teams, but it most probably is complex [I hope I’m wrong]. But a question comes to mind: Do we really need to make such things complicated?

I do hope in the near future, if there are new kits that will be unveiled, they will be known not just as Azkals kits, but as Philippine National Football Team kits.

Because in the end of it all, we are ONE TEAM – PILIPINAS!

Photo credits: LGR Sportswear

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