Philippine Premier League matches to be aired live on TV

At the launch of the country’s new top-tier professional football competition, the Philippine Premier League [PPL] on January 23, a TV partnership with ESPN5 has been in place which will air at least 23 league fixtures.

It is to note that television coverage has been a challenge in the previous seasons and the development for the coming season under a completely new league brand is a positive aspect that football fans in the Philippines should look forward to as partial coverage of matches will be shown on free to air TV.

Aside from the airing of complete matches, regular updates with highlight reels are also expected which will be shown via the sports network’s nightly magazine show, SportsCenter.

And with the emerging new media, the league is also planning to take advantage of such platform therefore live streaming of fixtures is also being planned.

One comment

  1. LUDWIG V. FUENTEBELLA · January 23, 2019

    Bravo for PPL tv coveerage!


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