Transfer News: Jordan Jarvis joins Hong Kong’s Eastern from Global

Vince Soliven contributed to the story pertaining on the transfer details.

News broke via Football in HK’s Twitter account in the morning of January 31, 2019 that former Ateneo de Manila defender and capped Philippine international, Jordan Jarvis, has completed a transfer to Eastern Sports Club from Global Cebu FC.

The development has been confirmed by Jordan’s father and Global CEO, Mark Jarvis, in an on-line interview and has divulged that the move has actually been completed two days ago as of this writing.

What’s beneficial to Eastern with Jordan’s joining their ranks is he registered as a local player before Hong Kong FA’s update to the rule, thus the move is not affecting the club’s foreign player quota.

Where does Global Cebu FC go from here?

Despite the movement of Jordan, Mark Jarvis assured that he remains as the owner and CEO of Global and is aware of the current situation and on-going financial challenges of the organization.

“[Global is] sorting the matter and we expect players to be paid [hopefully] this coming week,” according to the chairman of the financially beleaguered club.

“We shall be announcing a new partner soon,” added Mr. Jarvis in line with the possible cashflow that the club will have.

It is to note that one former player of Global has divulged his grievances in an online post [though the contents were not public and limited only to the footballing community] regarding the issue of overly delayed wages, which until now, are not yet settled.

But the Global executive has informed that there are plans to get the club out of trouble, the details of which are still confidential.

Photo credit: Mark Jarvis

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