Ceres-Negros partner with kit-supplier Grand Sport for 2019; new jerseys get tested

National league champions Ceres-Negros FC forges a partnership with Thailand-based sportswear company Grand Sport as the 2019 season begins with the AFC Champions League preliminary qualification fixture against Burmese club Yangon United on February 5.

The shirts were seen as worn by the Bacolod-based club’s players in a 1-0 friendly against Kaya FC Iloilo last January 29 at McKinley Hill Stadium.

However, the shorts, were not the actual ones that will be paired with the upper garments and are yet to be seen. At a distance, the shirts may seem as simple “yellow kits” but, upon closer look, they feature subtle patterns that add an aesthetic touch.

The specific design that the new Grand Sport kits have is dubbed as “honeycomb”, which works well with the distinct yellow hue.

The kits will be dropping very soon, with the hopes of being available for fans present in the AFC Champions League match against Yangon United in Panaad, so that Bacolod-based supporters will have “first dibs” on these goodies.

[Update: The club will sell only a limited amount of the AFC Champions League jerseys on matchday. But the overall available club merchandise will also be comprised of other items.] 

Finally, probably the best piece of news in all of this is, the price. The official replica jerseys themselves will be much more affordable than the previous seasons [made by a different supplier] with an anticipated price tag of not breaking the Php 1000.00 barrier, making the highly sought-after busmen’s merchandise probably one of the most price-friendly [if not the most] in Philippine pro football this 2019.

Posted by Ceres-Negros FC on Thursday, January 31, 2019

Aside from players’ in-game and training kits, other off-pitch outfits will also be provided by Grand Sport as shown in a fan event that was held in Bacolod National High School last January 31, where matching hoodies, shirts and shorts had on of their earliest public debuts. It is not yet known if those will also be available for sale to the public. Here’s to hoping that they hit the shelves too.

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