Global FC relocates to Makati, familiar venue being eyed as home

In a social media post, Global FC are in the process of finalizing their relocation to a new home base which started with a change in their club crest design, dropping Cebu and replacing it with Makati.

To add a bit more info on this development, club chairman Mark Jarvis has shared via an online interview that they are eyeing a very familiar site as the club’s new venue.

“We are [currently] pushing for UMak [University of Makati Stadium] as [the new] home stadium and training facility.

“We are seeking support from the Makati City Hall to make this happen,” said Mr. Jarvis.

University of Makati has been an all too familiar venue when it comes to domestic football, particularly in Metro Manila as it hosted matches from way back the UFL days and was also the home of Kaya FC during the inaugural season of the now-defunct Philippines Football League [PFL] last 2017.

On the issue regarding unpaid wages

The club boss also responded on the matter regarding the current status of the still outstanding issues regarding the overly delayed wages of players and staff.

“Finances are progressing and player payments may happen as soon as this week, but [may take] over a few months [to be completed].”

The reason for such statements by the club executive is a new business partnership has jut been forged with the club, the identity of which is yet to be announced. But the deal (again, according to the club chairman), has been signed already as of last Friday.

Photo credit: Global FC Facebook page

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