Nomads begin journey back to senior-level football with PFF Women’s League

After a few years of absence in seniors 11-a-side football, Manila Nomads Sporting Club are set for a return to an all familiar environment as they debut in the 2019 Philippine Football Federation (PFF) Women’s League.

Around the past three years, Nomads focused mainly in continuing the development of their youth squads, competing in grassroots and junior-levels for both boys’ and girls’ divisions, maintaining their good reputation as one of the clubs that cultivate young talents.

A testament to their excellence in the youth development is their four-straight championships earned in the girls’ division of the Youth Football League (YFL).

But as of early 2019, they began their foray into the senior level when they fielded a squad for the women’s division of the 7s Football League’s third season where they reached the semifinals stage.

Now in the second half of year 2019, Nomads are finally continuing their push in competing at the highest levels of competitions available as they participate as one of the newcomers in the Women’s League which begins on July 25.

But this is only the beginning, according to Nomads Women’s Team Head Coach Shane Cosgrove, with the club intending to do the same as well for the men’s side.

“We’re trying to get the (men’s team) going in the Philam 7s (Football League). So we decided to go with the seven-a-side to start with,… and build. I just got to find somebody who wants to take it over and run it.

“Obviously, I think people knew about the land dispute, and obviously we lost the (Merville Parañaque) ground. So, we became a little bit disparate (as an organization)… we had cricket and we had rugby going on down there as well.”

Shane Cosgrove – Nomads women’s and girls’ head coach (Photo credit: YFL)

The British mentor also gave a brief update on the situations of the Nomads cricket and rugby teams in which both already were able to get their respective playing grounds in Pavillion (cricket), and the British School in Manila and a facility nearby South Super Highway (rugby).

“(In football), we kept the junior elements going. We’re sort of split into two a little bit because I carried on with the girls. But I couldn’t get down to Merville (for the boys) because of (other commitments). So we operated with the girls (having their) training on the British School.

“The academy has carried on. They’ve (been able) to come back to the old Nomads ground as Club United (and that’s been) successful… Obviously we’ve kept these (squads) going and they’ve gone all the way through.

“For me, (competing at the high level) is the final challenge to see how (our men’s team) would do,” added Cosgrove.

Founded in 1914 as a football club, the multi-sport organization with rugby and cricket as some of the other sporting disciplines that it offers from grassroots to semiprofessional senior levels, is the Philippines’ oldest club that has been in continuous existence.

However, a years-long legal battle regarding the land in Merville Parañaque which is known as the Nomads SC grounds, where the club’s facilities are situated, hurt its overall resources to the point of threatening its very existence. Such a predicament led to some of their senior teams take a back-seat from competing in high-level tournaments for the past few years.

But with Nomads now set for its maiden PFF Women’s League journey, the club begins its campaign on Saturday, August 3, at 8:00AM against the defending champions De La Salle University.

Photo credit: Pinay Futbol Facebook Page

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