Shots Fired: Meet Sagay City FC’s lethal wonder-kid

As the home team, Sagay City FC completed its campaign triumphantly in the recently concluded 2nd Marañon Youth Cup, one kid stood out from within their ranks with a bang.

The way this 16-year-old lighted up the pitch with his explosive presence earned him the MVP award in unanimous fashion, creating and scoring at will for his squad en-route to seizing the trophy against well-matched opposition from other parts of the country. This special talent goes by a very distinct, perhaps even fitting, name: Shiorenel Baril.

During the course of the four-day tournament, Shiorenel caught the eye of both spectators and organisers due to his sheer talent as testified by some of the several who witnessed him play.

“Ambilis, anlakas ng upper-body (strength) tapos deadly finisher,” as attested by Jan Gozon, who was able to watch Shiorenel operate inside the pitch.

Banking on his lethal combination of speed, and (most especially) his finishing Shionerel (who goes by the nickname “Zoren”) proved himself not only to his team but also the entire tournament as a promising player that made him the undisputed MVP.

His contributions to his squad have been crucial both as a scorer and, more importantly, as a creator with his two goals and three assists.

A true son of Sagay City, Zoren came from a modest provincial background being the fifth child out of eight siblings. He hailed from a family of fisher-folks, and Zoren himself even helps his father out in fishing. His rooted and very relatable upbringing makes him a true hometown hero on the rise for Sagay.

Currently playing exclusively for Sagay, Zoren shared through an on-line chat that he has been with the team since last year’s successful Pinas Cup and Batang Pinoy campaigns.

When asked what his targets in football are career-wise, Zoren’s response was (true to his on-pitch winning aura) short yet direct.

“(Gusto ko po) maging isang sikat na manlalaro.”

With a can-do attitude and his undeniable talent, Shiorenel “Zoren” Baril has a lot of promise ahead of him. And if there is someone he can emulate in terms of reaching the heights as a young Filipino footballer, he doesn’t need to look further as he can follow the path of fellow Negrense, Shanden Vergara.

Although the journey ahead for his budding yet truly promising career in the beautiful game won’t be easy, if he is able to scale and hurdle through the challenges ahead, a new nickname might already be waiting for him to be seized exclusively as his.


Photo credit: Shiorenel Baril’s Facebook page

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